Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who Now Will Be My Rewarder?

We are signing the lease on the apartment tomorrow at 8 in the spanking a.m., thank GOD.  I am so ready to not deal with this anymore.  I am so ready to not try to win people over anymore.  I am so ready to stop hounding my roommates and stop being a nagger.  I hate naggers and I'm becoming one.

In other news, I have Tiger Calling Club training today.  They tricked me into thinking this was a campus job.  It is a campus job, but the locale is not on campus.  It is downtown.  Thanks, Reynolds Alumni Center.  But I am glad I got the job, at least.  Hopefully it will take my mind off of things.  It might be interesting, talking to old Mizzou-ians.

We are singing this song in U. Singers called Valiant-for-truth.  It is about Mr. Valiant-for-truth, who has endured many pains in his long life and is on a sort of quest to do God's bidding.  He receives a summons to cross this river into what I am assuming is the afterlife.

"I am going to my Father's, 
and though with great difficulty I am got hither, 
yet now I do not repent me of all the trouble 
I have been at to arrive where I am.  
My sword, I give to him that shall succeed my in my pilgrimage, 
and my courage and skill, to him that can get it.  
My marks and scars I carry with me, to be a witness for me, 
that I have fought his battles, 
who now will be my rewarder."

The sword--I wish it could be given to me.  I wish I could succeed Mr. Valiant-for-truth in his pilgrimage to do God's bidding.  He is talking about this pilgrimage of a journey to the riverside, but we all know that it is a symbol for life itself.  Life is a pilgrimage.  

And my pilgrimage has not been Valiant.  Toward God or anyone.  

Life pretty much sucks right now.  But I hope it is not over soon and I still have a chance to take the sword.

10 points for Gryffindor, 


breezylucia said...

what's gryfinndor?


i hope you are safe today when you call all those tigers. maybe you should text them too.

Candace said...

i'm sorry you got tricked.

God will always be your rewarder. and me.

i got a prom dress. it's pink.

see you soon, but not as soon as i wish i could.

Candace said...

i just thought of a really cool band name. sort of.
the usual.