Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alone in 227.

As of late, it seems that everything is working out for me.

Conclusions I have come to: 
I am under this morbid curtain that by dropping my music major, I will no longer have "the in" at the School of Music.  But I have failed to realize that I will still be taking music courses.  I will still go to the FAB a few times a week.  I will still sing in McKee on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  And maybe more.  I will still get to take great courses like Music History--emphasizing the good of my world in every aspect!  Writing, history, hilarity.

I will NOT be on the outskirts.  At least not for where I am now.  Fist pump!

Also, by doing a J degree (as my stepdad so fondly calls it), I will be more apt to helping out society and communities around me than with music.  

I was so worried this week about not being able to do Summer Choir because of a possible job conflict.  I mean, who would hire me: "I can work for three hours between this time and this time..."  Followed by a plethora of scowls, I'm sure. 
So I asked my boss at Tiger Calling Club if I could (for the 2-5 shift AAAALmost oh-so-perfect) if I could work through my 15 minute break and leave early so I could get to Summer Choir on time.  And he responded with a casual, "Yes."
Sooooo relieved!

God has totally provided!  

Another--Chris Nelson from the Omaha World Herald gave me the opportunity to do some out-of-state stories this summer!  Wunderbar.

Life is on the better side of okay when I focus on schoolwork and God.  I'm still in a lull but getting closer to finishing/starting my paper and closer to the summer is slowly bringing me out of it.  Thank God for that.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Upcoming Academia:

Informal Proposal due Wednesday, April 9 (which I turned in yesterday)
Voice songs memorized by Monday, April 14
Martin Luther "On Christian Liberty" read by Monday, April 14
Nutrition Test on Monday, April 14
"Short" Essay kind of due by Friday, April 18
Carmina rehearsal Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, April 22, 23, 24
Carmina Burana on Friday, April 25
1st Draft of Final Paper due Friday, April 25
last day to turn in "Short" Essay on Wednesday, April 30.  


My final paper is due a week after that, then finals, and then on May 16, I'll be moving into the Drage's!  Wow.  End of my first year in college.  Hello, surrealism.  

In other news, summer choir is going to be fanTAStic.  I'm predicting.  Last summer there were 16 people.  SIXTEEN.  How terrifying yet invigorating.  We are doing music from a Renaissance composer, which is perfect because of how much I've been loving the Renaissance lately.

Also--I got an email from Dr. Crabb: "I'm expecting you at the awards ceremony on April 22."  Wahhhh!  Does this mean what I think it means?  Me, a simple freshman?

Calling tigers,

PS. I've also began thinking about switching to convergence journalism due to all the advice I'm gaining from talking to journalists at my job.  Funny.