Thursday, March 20, 2008

Beginnings Of A Spiral

The existence of the world baffles me.  My respect for people has always been high, my love of people and the way the world works has always been fiery--I've always been fascinated by culture and society and Earth.

But I seem to put my trust in things that let me down.  If someone I thought was so admirable and noble, such a role model and a future-seeker--if they can let me down this monumentally, where does that leave the rest of the world?  If I love the rest of the world and people in it so much and thought I had found the upper end of things in a person who ultimately disappointed me, then what am I supposed to think about everyone else in the world?  Sure, people are human.  Sure, it's a beautiful thing.  But that means everyone will let me down.  No matter who I find.  So does that mean I should stop trying all together or let it be okay to get hurt by someone who I thought was the best?  Because either way, people are human and people will let you down.

It is funny how the "people are just people and they are not perfect" argument can be used both ways, in defense and in accusation.

I've been watching the 3D animation version of The Pilgrim's Progress here and it has made me think about things.  I can't tell if it is meant to be a slight mockery or a genuine adaptation, but it makes me think all the same.  

Things like how God never lets you down.  [So it is said.  And I guess God has never let me down...but it's hard to put a finger on it.]

And ideas like how people get caught up in the wonders of this world and suffer in the end.  [It is confusing to me because of my ultimate love for the world.]

But it seems like these ideas are coming into my life at the exact right time.  Also, Breezy has come into my life at the exact right time.  Sometimes it feels like things are working out...and most of the time it doesn't.

Daily jumbled,


breezylucia said...


breezylucia said...

dude, you mentioned me in your glob...

kaitlin, i'm so glad we are friends. i really do think we've been put in each others lives at the exact right time.

you're great :)

Candace said...

maybe your expectations are too high.

but at the same time, don't ever settle. this monumental letdown just means there is somebody else who you will like EVEN more.