Thursday, March 13, 2008

Infernal Readings

Dante is a hero.  He goes into the underworld and comes back up.  But what else does he do?  Does he even need to do anything else?

Seeing the underworld is so important for characters--and characters are based on us, based on humans.  Isn't it important for us too?  Is there always an otherworld that we must journey to?  And if so, do we always get a guide?

So what is my otherworld. 

It doesn't necessarily have to be an underworld.  It can be a fantastic place, as they of the Classics say.  A place where magical, unrealistic things flourish.  My it this little situation that I have on my hands currently?  It could be.

A) When I first stepped through the veil of greenery into this magical land, it was through the fantasies of the late hour during finals week--coffee inducement, sleep deprivation, Memorial Union, cramming, pancakes: these would all influence interpretation, would they not?

B) The excavation of my otherworld, which we will call Allegory, was done through the intricacies of cyberspace--dangerous?  Fantastic?  Ambiguous?  I do think so.

C) The climax of my experience pfrancing around Allegory was only the culmination of all of the bizarrely perfect nights, days, mornings, afternoons, conversations, commitments, looks and favors Allegory had served me on a silver platter--in which, of course, I indulged and gave back--and is this climax undoubtedly a symbol of a real life Too Good To Be True?  Hmm.

D) The exiting of Allegory could only be fitting for something so unreal and so beautiful--a completely unexpected abrupt red light, or an explosion, maybe?  An explosion of reasons?  Could it only end this way if it were too good to fizzle out?

There is a slew of lessons I could take away from my otherworld; but I have no idea which one is THE one.  Of course I will come out changed, of course I will come out different...but is the lesson to become untrusting?  Is the lesson to rearrange my priorities?  Or is the lesson to be patient?

I don't know.

Despite the sarcasm in this post, I'd like to think the lesson is to be patient.  In the meantime, I've also been adjusting my priorities.  It's hard to go to God first (sorry, Glob), but it's about time I try to really figure this out.

At least I found a way to incorporate the big ideas of Dante into my own little life.  Even if I don't find the solution.

"There is no such beauty as where you belong."


breezylucia said...

ok, i think i'm smartur after reading that, wow, Kaiti. i feel like i should pay you to write more things like this. oh hey, you should be a journalism major or something...

and, i almost cried when i saw my fodo on the right, no joke. i think that made my discouraging overwhelming day a little bit better, thanks friend.

you're great


ps i indulged in some text twist today, and some of the letters were: g, l, o, and b....and guess which word i DIDN'T get...i was ashamed

breezylucia said...

1. soy amada = i am loved and the subtitle says photographs from brissa (breezy in spanish) are coming soon...thats the literal translation, I don't know if it makes sense, but no native speakers read my blog, so it's ok

2.i'm glad you're glad i almost cried? and i TOTALLY heard that song today! what the junk? I haven't heard that song in forev. I sang along and thought of you

3. update coming soooooooooooon

4.i wish i could add text twist to EVERYTHING!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read Underworld by Don DeLillo? That was nothing to do with what you are saying, but it's a great book. And, you have to check out our blog now.

Anonymous said...

If you had Google analytics set up you could see where I found you. The whole internet is tricky in this way. People bounce around. Next time, full eye contact. I broke my sunglasses yesterday, so you will be able to see my eyes.