Friday, April 11, 2008

Upcoming Academia:

Informal Proposal due Wednesday, April 9 (which I turned in yesterday)
Voice songs memorized by Monday, April 14
Martin Luther "On Christian Liberty" read by Monday, April 14
Nutrition Test on Monday, April 14
"Short" Essay kind of due by Friday, April 18
Carmina rehearsal Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, April 22, 23, 24
Carmina Burana on Friday, April 25
1st Draft of Final Paper due Friday, April 25
last day to turn in "Short" Essay on Wednesday, April 30.  


My final paper is due a week after that, then finals, and then on May 16, I'll be moving into the Drage's!  Wow.  End of my first year in college.  Hello, surrealism.  

In other news, summer choir is going to be fanTAStic.  I'm predicting.  Last summer there were 16 people.  SIXTEEN.  How terrifying yet invigorating.  We are doing music from a Renaissance composer, which is perfect because of how much I've been loving the Renaissance lately.

Also--I got an email from Dr. Crabb: "I'm expecting you at the awards ceremony on April 22."  Wahhhh!  Does this mean what I think it means?  Me, a simple freshman?

Calling tigers,

PS. I've also began thinking about switching to convergence journalism due to all the advice I'm gaining from talking to journalists at my job.  Funny.


Lindsey412 said...

You go, girl! With your Renaissance-loving, award-winning self!

Stuart Peterson said...

Psh, convergence is lame. Do what you want, don't let the professional world scare you into doing something.

Taylor Glascock said...


Kaitlin...yay! I have a psych paper due in a couple of weeks that I was going to start on this weekend...but then I watched Food Network all day instead.

I thought about Convergence a little bit too. It seems handy to have knowledge in a lot of different areas, but at the same time it seems like "I can't I'll do EVERYTHING." Also, I know myself...and I would rather be really good at one thing rather than kind of good at a lot of things...

Candace said...

the end of years are so stressful and freaky.
i hope you get an award. it will be nice decoration for your APARTMENT! lil kaitlin is all growd up.

Jason G said...

dang it sounds like you aree cruising right along, miss! i'm glad that things are going so well and falling into place

i can only hope things will work as such for myself

breezylucia said...

"how terrifying yet invigorating"-fave part of this post

hi surrealism, i'm postmodernism...maybe, i could be if i wanted to be.

you aren't a simple freshman ps


Chelle said...

Congrats! and good luck getting all of that stuff done. I can't wait for you to come home, we'll have fun.

Anonymous said...

shoot, i wish I got emails from Dr. Crabb... lucky girl