Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alone in 227.

As of late, it seems that everything is working out for me.

Conclusions I have come to: 
I am under this morbid curtain that by dropping my music major, I will no longer have "the in" at the School of Music.  But I have failed to realize that I will still be taking music courses.  I will still go to the FAB a few times a week.  I will still sing in McKee on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  And maybe more.  I will still get to take great courses like Music History--emphasizing the good of my world in every aspect!  Writing, history, hilarity.

I will NOT be on the outskirts.  At least not for where I am now.  Fist pump!

Also, by doing a J degree (as my stepdad so fondly calls it), I will be more apt to helping out society and communities around me than with music.  

I was so worried this week about not being able to do Summer Choir because of a possible job conflict.  I mean, who would hire me: "I can work for three hours between this time and this time..."  Followed by a plethora of scowls, I'm sure. 
So I asked my boss at Tiger Calling Club if I could (for the 2-5 shift AAAALmost oh-so-perfect) if I could work through my 15 minute break and leave early so I could get to Summer Choir on time.  And he responded with a casual, "Yes."
Sooooo relieved!

God has totally provided!  

Another--Chris Nelson from the Omaha World Herald gave me the opportunity to do some out-of-state stories this summer!  Wunderbar.

Life is on the better side of okay when I focus on schoolwork and God.  I'm still in a lull but getting closer to finishing/starting my paper and closer to the summer is slowly bringing me out of it.  Thank God for that.



Candace said...

i love times like these when everything is working out. now all i have to do is finish my darn research paper. and visit you. and then i can be happy.

stephanie said...

this makes me happy for you.

also, omaha world herald! you are full of prestige and talent, etc.

kimberly said...

i love you. and i don't hate you.

i'm glad that you were me there for a second.

and about this post: you are impressive and full of talent.

Anonymous said...

make things work for me moar often!!!1one

Smartphone said...
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