Monday, December 28, 2009


You know, yoga can be very sensual. Inhaling and exhaling, smooth extended movements, tracing your muscles with your hand to reach a pose, plenty of positions to choose from...think about it! Today at yoga, we had a male instructor. The room was so small that our mats were practically touching, and mine was directly in front of the instructor's. Every time we had a forward facing pose, we went through the awkward situation of trying to avoid each other's eye contact while experiencing that disturbing sensation of someone looking right past your left ear to the wall behind you. And all the while giving commands like, "Inhale and bring your arms up," "exhale into down-dog," "slide your right hand down to the back of your thigh...." etc.

My favorite pose has to be Cradle The Baby. Yes, Cradle The Baby. As we lowered ourselves to a seated position on our mats, the instructor told us to bring our left leg up to our chest and wrap our arms around it into Cradle The Baby. While I thought the pose was merely for a thigh/butt muscle stretch, the instructor and a few other people in the class couldn't help but...cradle the baby. As my mother and I held the pose, we watched the others rock their foot back and forth and gaze at it fondly.

I've exercised twice now. What other wonders does the new year have in store?!


breezylucia said...

hey, i never said nice layout change :)

Anonymous said...

Hey I've been following your blog(your writing is so creative!)that I found from eyegin, which I just found out is gone! Do you know what happened?