Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Old Habits Die

I wondered if I should blog tonight, and then I decided that yes, I should.  I'm sitting here in the living room with Kim watching "Make Me A Supermodel" on Bravo (one of the top 10 most watched channels at 1603 D) and thinking about doing my TDP homework.  People on reality TV are usually dumb, but I love it when you find someone that emanates a higher level of intellect.  Like you can just tell when they talk or move or interact with other people that they are more aware of the dynamics of life situations.  For example: Renee on a previous season of ANTM.  And I refuse to believe that it's because she looks like she's 30.

A lot of things in my life have changed and are changing.  Sometimes it feels weird to me even though I know it's a natural progression of life.  But when I step back and assess, it's very comforting to realize that the consistencies over the last two years (years of immense changes) have been U Singers and my individual voice studies.  Sure, there have been developments in those fields, and those developments are exciting.  I am more in tune with my study: theoretically, historically, technically, thematically, emotionally, many ally's.  It feels very good and natural.  I'm sure it's what I was meant to do.

Now to do this TDP assignment, which I'll probably get a smiley face sticker on or something because my professor likes to make us do skits, color with markers, and watch Magic School Bus videos (not that I'm complaining about that!).  Two more days till break!  Good thing there's no milk in the house so I don't have a chance to make mac n cheese and then eat every noodle.


GINAR said...

how you feel about music is how i feel about my design and visual classes.
it feels so gooooood doing what i should

Taylor said...

I didn't eat all of my mac and cheese either. :)

Candace said...

the rate at which everything turn turn turns is terrifying lately. i'm glad you know your niche. now it's time to learn your nietzsche. just kidding.